How It Works

The scheduling module can be found under the Schedules tab on the top bar. Daily List View will show you a list of all events scheduled for that day, which can be sorted by arena. This list can also be changed to show daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. 

Timeline View will open up the scheduling module which allows to to quickly click-to-create events, as well as drag and drop events to new times and days.

Here is what the scheduling module looks like:

A full list of arenas populates the left hand side of the screen, and events are scheduled on the right on their corresponding rows. These events can be dragged and dropped to new times and arenas. This module can also be changed to show daily, weekly, or monthly schedules.

How To Create Rental Events

Creating events is as easy as clicking a button. Simply click, hold, and drag in order to create an event. The blue block in Field 1's row represents the span of time for a sample event which will run from 9:15am - 11:30am.

After you let go of the mouse, an event window will pop up where you can enter the details of your newly created event. Choose the schedule item type and choose "Rental" from the dropdown.. The event area and times will be automatically filled in based on where you placed the event-block during the last step. You can assign locker rooms (if applicable) and adjust your legend color, as well as whether or not the event listing is available the public.

On the right hand side of the window, you'll notice a text area titled "Rental." You can simply type in the name of your rental that exists in the system, and a search bar will list your different rentals that fit your search terms. Choose your rental, and it will automatically attach your existing rental invoice to that event. From there, you'll notice a dropdown for "Product" at the bottom of the window, where you can attach a specific hourly rental product to your event. This way, you can customize your rental event to charge whatever fee that you need. You may also proceed without a product if there will be no charge for the event or if you'd like to edit that later.