You can customize your rental invoices from with the "Rentals" area, setting date parameters for your invoices. This allows you to bill your customers monthly, quarterly, or however you'd like, also enabling you to simply view an invoice over a specified amount of time.

1. Click the "Facility Management" menu item and choose "Rentals" from the dropdown.

2. Choose the rental that you'd like from the list on the page, clicking "Options" on the right-hand side of that rentals row. Choose "(PDF) Print Custom Invoice."

3. The default dates will set to the start and end dates of the rental. From there, you can customize those dates to your preferential date range. Click on either the start or end dates to open up a calendar and set your parameters.

4. Click the blue "Print Invoice" button and a customized invoice will be generated for you.

5. On that invoice, you will see all products that are a part of that invoice, with their dates, locations and cost. Voided/Cancelled rental occurrences will remain on the invoice, having their status marked as "RT" (returned). At the bottom of the invoice, you will see the partial invoice amount for your date parameters, along with a list of all past payments on the invoice and current invoice status, including subtotals, amount paid, and remaining balance.