You can attach various files to any of your events or rentals from within the facility management area of your MySportSort account, either when creating or editing any event.

1. Click the "Facility Management" menu item and choose "Events" from the dropdown.

2. Open up the event suite, by either clicking the blue "New Event" button for a new event, or by choosing a pre-existing event and clicking the "Options" button at the end of the row.

3. In the event editor, click "File Attachments" from the options available on the left-hand side. In order to add a file attachment, may either click "Choose File," or drag-and-drop a file from your computer onto the "attach file" area. Then, click "Save File" and it will be added to your event.

4. Click the green "Save" button in the top right corner of the event editor and this file will be saved as a part of the event's information. You can continue to add files by repeating the process.

5. In order to either view or delete files, return to this area and simply click either the text that says "View" or the red "X" next to the file attachment.